SCREENSYNC is a software for windows and an extension for chrome, opera, firefox and edge that allows you to capture your desktop area and upload your favorite images.

Images of the file types PNG and JPG are supported for screenshot capture capture and PNG, JPG and GIF are supported for the image uploader.

Images are stored in imgur and for the direct print activity inside the documents under the screensync folder.

Yes, you always should backup your images.

Yes you can after capturing the windows area a window will appear where you can click the “Copy Image”.

Hotkey is available on windows app. Make sure that every window is closed before you can take your new screenshot or upload a new image.

If you have premium you can view all your screenshots in your gallery.

Only people with whom you have shared your unique screenshot unless you uploaded your screenshot in vision whichautomaticly it makes it publicly.

Please send an email to [email protected]

Please send an email to [email protected]

Please send an email to [email protected]

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